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The History of Egypt for Kids - 6th Dynasty

The Civilization & History of Ancient Egypt and facts about the line of pharaohs in the 6th Dynasty and its conspiracies

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Ancient Egyptians - 6th Dynasty
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the 6th dynasty of the royal house of Egypt. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the 6th Dynasty of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
The definition of the 6th Dynasty
Sixth dynasty pharaohs timeline and chronology
6th dynasty Egyptian pharaohs and the conspiracies and turmoil of the dynasty
History of the 6th dynasty of the Old Kingdom
Facts and information about the 6th dynasty time period
6th dynasty line of succession from King Teti to Queen Nitocris
Names and dates
An overview of the history of the 6th Dynasty of ancient Egypt

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History of the 6th Dynasty and its Pharaohs from King Teti to Queen Nitocris
Overview with interesting facts and information about the civilization and history of the 6th Dynasty Pharaohs and Kings of the Old Kingdom period in ancient Egyptian history.

Sixth Dynasty Dates: c23232181 B.C.E.

Ancient Egyptian History - 6th Dynasty Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on 6th Dynasty:

The previous period of the "Sun Kings" saw the building of smaller pyramids and the construction of great Sun Temples dedicated to the Sun-god Ra. The power of the kings and the royal family declined when commoners were raised to exalted positions in the government and the priests became highly influential. The end of the era saw the rise in the funerary cult of Osiris and the inscription of the Pyramid Texts appearing in many burial chambers.

Fact 2 on 6th Dynasty:

This house of kings was founded by King Teti, who had married Queen Iput, who was a daughter of the previous King Unas.

Fact 3 on 6th Dynasty:

King Teti was surrounded by political intrigue in his court and the growing power of his courtiers. According to Manetho he was murdered by his own bodyguard, and the throne was seized by the usurper Userkare.

Fact 4 on 6th Dynasty:

Userkare was eventually ousted by Pepi, the son of the murdered king and the rightful heir to the throne, helped by two important courtiers called Weni and Fefi (aka Merefnebef).

Fact 5 on 6th Dynasty:

Weni and Fefi held much of the power in the court of King Pepi. Weni was the general of the army and Fefi was the vizier (Prime Minister).

Fact 6 on 6th Dynasty:

The reign of Pepi I was both prosperous and eventful. New trade routes were established via the Eastern Desert to the Red Sea and military campaigns, led by Weni, were launched in the gold-rich Nubia on the southernmost border of ancient Egypt and established garrisons and trading posts in the area.

Fact 7 on 6th Dynasty:

King Pepi and Weni also led troops against the Bedouins in Sinai and in Canaan.

Fact 8 on 6th Dynasty:

There was another 'harem conspiracy' when Queen Weret-yamtes (aka Amtes or Yamtisy) a consort of Pepi, was involved in a plot to overthrow the king and Queen Amtes disappeared from the court.

Fact 9 on 6th Dynasty:

King Pepi was a prolific builder and built his pyramid at Saqqara and built great temples at Abydos, Dendera, Tanis, Bubastis and Coptos. High ranking officials also started to build great tombs that rivalled those of the kings.

Fact 10 on 6th Dynasty:

Pepi II was succeeded by his son Merenre but the new king died at a young age. Merenre was succeeded by Pepi II, his young, underage brother. His mother Queen Ankhesenpepi II, the widow of Pepi I, ruled as regent until he reached maturity.

Fact 11 on 6th Dynasty:

Like his father before him, King Pepi II was also a prolific builder and undertook massive building projects including temples and small pyramids.

Fact 12 on 6th Dynasty:

As Pepi II lost control during his long reign, his spending on building projects spiralled out of control and the government was in turmoil, with rebellious officials leaving the royal court. King Pepi II died after an extremely long reign and was buried in his pyramid tomb.

Fact 13 on 6th Dynasty:

Merenre II succeeded his father Pepi I but only reigned briefly as a Pharaoh of Egypt. He was murdered as the result of a conspiracy and his sister Queen Nitocris swore revenge.

Fact 14 on 6th Dynasty:

According to Herodotus, Nitocris seized the throne. Queen Nitocris took her revenge. She invited the murderers of her brother to a banquet and then massacred them by flooding the sealed room with waters from the River Nile.

Fact 15 on 6th Dynasty:

Queen Nitocris then committed suicide so ending the reign of the 6th royal line of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the period in ancient Egyptian history known as the Old Kingdom.

Ancient Egyptian History - 6th Dynasty Fact Sheet

Definition of the 6th Dynasty
Definition: The 6th Dynasty of ancient Egypt consisted of a succession of kings from the same family who succeeded each other on the royal throne of Egypt by right of inheritance. The Kings of Egypt and pharaohs of the 6th Dynasty ruled during the time period known in ancient Egyptian history as the Old Kingdom, the Age of the Pyramids.

Sixth Dynasty Dates: c23232181 B.C.E.

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History of the 6th Dynasty Pharaohs
Overview with interesting facts and information about the Pharaohs and Kings of the Old Kingdom period in ancient Egyptian history.


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6th Dynasty Chronology - Succession and History of the Kings
The following 6th Dynasty Chronology details the names of the Kings and Pharaohs of the 6th Dynasty and the dates of the years during which they reigned, together with a map of ancient Egypt.


Chronology of the Kings



Dates of Reign

King Teti23232291 BC

King Userkare22912289 BC

King Pepi I 22892255 BC

King Merenre I22552246 BC

King Pepi II22462152 BC

King Merenre IIDates Unknown

Queen NitocrisDates Unknown
Chronology of the Kings

Picture of pharaoh

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6th Dynasty History
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6th Dynasty

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6th Dynasty
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