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Ancient Egyptians - Menkaure Pyramid
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Menkaure Pyramid on the Giza plateau. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the Third Pyramid of Giza.

The Third Pyramid of Giza was built by King Menkaure whose name is Mycerinus in Greek.

The construction and dimensions of the Menkaure Pyramid at Giza
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The interior of the Menkaure Pyramid
The Third Pyramid built on the Giza plateau
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An overview of the Menkaure Pyramid in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - The Menkaure Pyramid
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Menkaure Pyramid of Giza
Learn about the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and the tombs of the pharaohs, the fast and easy way via the Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact sheets.  Facts and information include the construction and the dimensions of the Pyramid of Menkaure aka Mycerinus. For additional facts and information about the pharaoh who built the Third Pyramid at Giza refer to King Menkaure.

Pyramid of Menkaure

Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet

Fact 1 Menkaure Pyramid:

It was the third, the last and the smallest, of the pharaoh's pyramids that were built on the Giza Plateau. It was built for Pharaoh Menkaure, whose name is Mycerinus in Greek. It was constructed during the reign of the king 2490–2472 BC.

Fact 2 Menkaure Pyramid:

It is one of the most famous of the total of 138 pyramids have been discovered in ancient Egypt to date. It was called the "Menkaure is Divine".

Fact 3 Menkaure Pyramid:

Location: The Giza plateau which is about 25km (15 miles) south west of Cairo on the west bank of the River Nile.

Fact 4 Menkaure Pyramid:

It forms part of the Giza Necropolis, that includes three main pyramids, the Great Sphinx of Giza, several cemeteries and a workers' village. The names of the other pyramids are the the Great Pyramid of Khufu (aka Cheops) and the Pyramid of Khafre (aka Chephren).

Aerial Photo of the Pyramids of Giza

Fact 5 Menkaure Pyramid:

As seen from the above aerial photograph it was the smallest of the pharaoh's pyramids on the Giza plateau.

Fact 6 Menkaure Pyramid:

The mass of the structure was 1/10th the size of Khufu's monument. This possibly indicates the growing influence of the priests of Ra and a shift from building pyramids to a greater emphasis being placed on the construction of temples.

Fact 7 Menkaure Pyramid:

Architect: The name of the architect of this amazing monument has not been specifically mentioned. However the Viziers (Chief Chancellors) of the pharaohs played an active role in the planning and architecture of the pyramids. The brother and first Vizier of Menkaure  was called Nikaure and therefore there is a high probability that he was an architect of the monument.

Fact 8 Menkaure Pyramid:

The magnificent structure was made of granite and limestone. Made of stone it was built to last for eternity. Ordinary homes, even the royal palaces, were constructed using mud bricks that easily perished in time.

Fact 9 Menkaure Pyramid:

Construction: It was built on solid bedrock and the base and interior was constructed using limestone from a local quarry. The granite was sourced from other Ancient Egyptian quarries, together with the superior white limestone that was sourced from the Tura Quarry and used for the exterior casing.

Fact 10 Menkaure Pyramid:

The pharaoh died before his monument was completed and the building was finished by Shepseskaf, his son and heir.

Fact 10 Menkaure Pyramid:

The monument was opened in the 1830's by Colonel Howard-Vyse.

Fact 11 Menkaure Pyramid:

The monument was plundered for its stone and by tomb robbers and it still shows the damage on its north face.

North side Menkaure pyramid


Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet

All the Giza Pyramids

Menkaure Pyramid of Giza
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Dimensions of the Menkaure Pyramid of Giza
Learn about the construction and dimensions of the  Menkaure Pyramid of Giza the fast and easy way via the Fact sheet.

Exterior Dimensions of the
Menkaure Pyramid of Giza

Original Height:65.5 metres (215 feet)
Current height61 m (204 ft)
Base108.5 meters (355.8 feet square)

Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet

Fact 12 Menkaure Pyramid:

Construction: The monument rose to over 65 meters (215 feet) which is equivalent to the height of a modern 20 storey building.

Fact 13 Menkaure Pyramid:

Early scholars believed that the pyramids were built by slaves. But later discoveries indicate that construction was undertaken by the people of Egypt. The kings were able to employ as many of their subjects as they wanted in conscripted, labor.

Fact 14 Menkaure Pyramid:

The labor force was organised in such a way that the Egyptians were only required for a few weeks in every year which ensured the agriculture of Egypt was not unduly effected.

Fact 15 Menkaure Pyramid:

Some of the skilled workers were paid for their work and they resided in permanent villages near the construction site.

Fact 16 Menkaure Pyramid:

Teams of workers were divided into groups responsible for the construction of one part of the pyramid complex. The name of one of the gangs of laborers was the "Drunkards of Menkaure".

Fact 17 Menkaure Pyramid:

The workers' village was located about 400 meters (1,300 feet) south of the Sphinx, and is sometimes referred to as the  "Lost City of the Pyramid Builders."

Fact 18 Menkaure Pyramid:

The  Pyramid of Menkaure was only one part of the burial complex of the pharaoh. His burial complex consisted of:

The Pyramidal monument
Three subsidiary pyramids
Mortuary Temple
The causeway (a raised roadway) that led to the Valley Temple

Fact 19 Pyramid of Menkaure:

The three small, subsidiary pyramids were built next to the monument, one of them was believed to be the tomb of Queen Khamerernebty.

Fact 20 Pyramid of Menkaure:

The mortuary temple adjoined the pyramid and was the place of worship of the deceased king. Priests performed daily funerary rites and presented daily offerings to the dead king’s ka (protective spirit). The mortuary temple was made partially of limestone and also Mud bricks and consisted of an entrance hall, an open, columned court, niches (alcoves) for statues of the king,  storage chambers and an inner sanctuary.

Fact 21 Pyramid of Menkaure:

The causeway, meaning a raised roadway, connected the Mortuary Temple  with the Valley Temple. The causeway was 1,995 feet in length.

Fact 22 Pyramid of Menkaure:

The 'Valley Temple' was built on the lowest end of the funerary complex and led to the River Nile. The 'Valley Temple'  contained statues of the pharaoh and was a site of worship and the starting point of the funeral ceremonies and rituals.


Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet


Menkaure Pyramid of Giza

Facts and Information about the monument of Menkaure (Mycerinus)

Menkaure Pyramid of Giza

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Menkaure Pyramid of Giza


Inside the Menkaure Pyramid of Giza
The Menkaure Pyramid of Giza contains three burial chambers. The first is called the Unfinished Subterranean Chamber which is underground and carved into the bedrock. The Third chamber is above ground and is called the Queen’s Chamber. The last chamber is above ground and called the King’s Chamber.

Inside the Pyramid of Menkaure

Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet

Fact 23 Menkaure Pyramid:

The interior walls used reliefs that depicted the palace walls of the era.

Fact 24 Menkaure Pyramid:

The original entrance was on the axis of the north wall, about 4 meters above ground level. A descending passage, partially lined with pink granite, sloped down at an angle of a little more than 26 degrees for 31 meters (101 feet) to the chambers below.

Menkaure Pyramid Entrance

Fact 25 Menkaure Pyramid:

The descending passage terminates in a small chamber with walls that were provided with niches. The passage was barred with a granite barrier consisting of three blocks.

Fact 26 Menkaure Pyramid:

Past the security obstacles the passageway continued to a small antechamber located directly under the vertical axis of the pyramid.

Fact 27 Menkaure Pyramid:

In the middle of the floor of the antechamber, another granite passageway leads down to the rectangular, pink granite, burial chamber with a gabled ceiling.

Fact 28 Menkaure Pyramid:

In the burial chamber Colonel Howard-Vyse discovered an empty black basalt sarcophagus (outer coffin case). All the treasures had been looted by tomb robbers.

Ancient Egypt - Menkaure Pyramid of Giza Fact Sheet

The Sphinx

Menkaure Pyramid of Giza
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Menkaure Pyramid of Giza


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