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Ancient Egyptians - Pharaoh Pepi II
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about King Pepi II. Discover fascinating facts and information about the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
Interesting facts & information about this ancient Egyptian King
The dynasty and period in history when he was the pharaoh
Major events in his life - the history of Pepi II, Egypt’s longest ruling pharaoh
Fact based biography of the pharaoh, the boy king who assumed the throne when he was on 6 years old
The life and extravagances of this ancient Egyptian King
The famous people in his life
His ambitious and expensive building projects that drained the wealth of Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - Pepi II
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Profile of Pharaoh Pepi II
The following profile provides a fast overview of Pepi II who was Egypt’s longest ruling pharaoh and reigned 94 years.

Profile of Pepi II

History Time Period:Old Kingdom
Dynasty:6th Dynasty
Predecessors:Pepi I & Merenre
Parents:Pepi I and Queen Ankhenespepi II
Dates of his Reign:2246 - 2152 BC
Principal Wife:Queen Neith
Successor:King Merenre II

King Pepi II
Interesting facts, biography & information about the life of Pharaoh Pepi II, the ancient Egyptian King. The Pharaoh Pepi II fact sheet provides details of the major events and accomplishments in his life, his consort and his family. Information about the dynasty and period in ancient Egyptian history in which King Pepi II lived. Refer to Pharaohs for additional interesting facts and information.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi II Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Pepi II:

Name: This pharaoh of ancient Egypt was also known as Pepy II, Pepi II, Phiops II or Fiiops II.

Fact 2 on Pepi II:

History: The power of the pharaohs and the royal family were declining as non-royals were raised to exalted positions in the government and the priests became highly influential. Tombs of court officials rivalled those of kings, an indication that the wealth of Egypt was being transferred to the non-royal officials.

Fact 3 on Pepi II:

History: He ruled as the king of Egypt during the period in ancient Egyptian history known as the Old Kingdom and was a pharaoh of the 6th dynasty of kings by right of inheritance. He succeeded Pharaoh Merenre, his half-brother, to the throne of Egypt.

Fact 4 on Pepi II:

Family: His father was Pepi I and his mother was Queen Ankhenespepi II.

Fact 5 on Pepi II:

Pepi II was underage when he succeeded his half-brother to the throne of Egypt. His mother Queen Ankhesenpepi II, the widow of King Pepi I, ruled in the role as regent until her son reached maturity.

Fact 6 on Pepi II:

His uncle, the vizier Djau, was a staunch supporter of his sister Queen Ankhenespepi II and her young son, and was able to maintain stable government. This was an important factor as there had been considerable political intrigue and conspiracies during the reigns of previous rulers of the 6th Dynasty. The Nomarchs (regional representatives of the Pharaoh) also continued to gain in power and influence.

Fact 7 on Pepi II:

As Pepi II was only six years old when he inherited the throne he needed the protection of his family.

Fact 8 on Pepi II:

Family: Pepi married his sister Neith, whose status and title was the "Hereditary Princess", "Great of Praises" and "Great one of the hetes-sceptre". It was acceptable for the pharaoh to practise incest in order to retain the sacred and divine bloodline. The son of Pepi and Neith was Merenre.

Fact 9 on Pepi II:

Family: The names of his 'lesser wives' were Iput II, Ankhesenpepi III, Ankhesenpepi IV and Udjebten. It was acceptable for the king of Egypt to practise Polygamy, meaning he had more than one wife at the same time. Having several wives or concubines enabled the pharaoh to maintain the his dynasty and ensure the line of succession of his family.

Fact 10 on Pepi II:

The governor of Upper Egypt in the south of the country was called Harkhuf. This official undertook various trading expeditions to Nubia and lands beyond in the south of Africa. His trading expeditions were well documented. He brought back luxury goods such as incense, ebony, oils, panther skins and elephant tusks (ivory). He also presented dancing pygmy, who delighted the boy-king. The young king was so pleased with the pygmy that he sent a letter to Harkhuf, which was reproduced in his tomb.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi II Fact Sheet

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Pharaoh Pepi II
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about Pharaoh Pepi II for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about ancient Egypt and Egyptians. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating fun facts about Pepi II for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Interesting, fun facts about this king of Egypt for research, schools, students and kids of all ages.


The Ancient Egyptians


King Pepi II
Learn about this ancient Egyptian pharaoh the fast and easy way via the Pepi II Fact sheet.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi II Fact Sheet

Fact 11 on Pepi II:

Another loyal servant of King Pepi was Pepi-Nakht who acted as a type of viceroy in Nubia. His title was the "Governor of Foreign Places". Pepi-Nakht was responsible for the Egyptian garrisons in Nubia and his tomb provides details of his success in crushing a Nubian rebellion. During the conflicts he captured Nubian chiefs and brought them to the king's residence in Memphis to pay tributes and homage to the pharaoh.

Fact 12 on Pepi II:

Copper and turquoise were mined at Wadi Maghareh in the south-western Sinai Peninsula and these prized articles increased the royal coffers and helped to subsidize building projects.

Fact 13 on Pepi II:

Alabaster was quarried from Hatnub in the Eastern Desert. Alabaster was a prized commodity and used for statues.

Fact 14 on Pepi II:

King Pepi II was also a prolific builder and undertook massive building projects including temples and small pyramids.

Fact 15 on Pepi II:

King Pepi II built his pyramidal complex in Saqqara which included a large pyramid and three smaller ones.

Fact 15 on Pepi II:

His pyramidal complex consisted of a mortuary temple and a causeway (raised roadway) leading to a Valley Temple - see diagram below.

Fact 16 on Pepi II:

As Pepi II lost control during his long reign, his spending on building projects spiralled out of control.

Fact 17 on Pepi II:

The government was in turmoil, with rebellious officials leaving the royal court and gaining power as Nomarchs in their own regions.

Fact 18 on Pepi II:

King Pepi II died after his long reign of 94 years and was buried in his pyramid tomb at Saqqara.

Fact 19 on Pepi II:

The extravagant spending of Pepi drained the treasury of ancient Egypt which ultimately led to an unstable kingdom and would result in bringing the period in history referred to as the Old Kingdom to an end.

Fact 20 on Pepi II:

He was succeeded by by his son Merenre II who only reigned briefly as a Pharaoh of Egypt as he was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. His wife and sister Queen Nitocris exacted a terrible revenge on his murderers and then committed suicide. Her death ended the 6th dynasty of this royal line of ancient Egyptian kings.

Ancient Egyptian King - Pepi II Fact Sheet

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Pepi II

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King Pepi II and the 6th Dynasty
The following chart provides the names of the kings and the line of succession in the 6th Dynasty together with a map of ancient Egypt.

6th Dynasty



Dates of Reign

King Teti2323–2291 BC

King Userkare22912289 BC

King Pepi I 2289–2255 BC

King Merenre I2255–2246 BC

King Pepi II2246–2152 BC

King Merenre IIDates Unknown

Queen NitocrisDates Unknown
Succession of the Kings

Picture of pharaoh

The Ancient Cities of Egypt

Pepi II
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Pepi II


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