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Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians - Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs
A comprehensive illustrated guide to Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs. Discover fascinating facts and information about Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs. Find out when the Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs ruled in ancient Egypt, why they were famous and their achievements during their reigns. The role of the Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs and their power struggles with the priests and their foreign enemies and their famous battles. Facts about the lives of the major Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs such as Ramses, Seti I and the legendary Tutankhamun.

Ancient Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs
Discover the history, culture and civilization of ancient Egypt and Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs. As the history of the ancient Egyptians stretched over thousands of years there were many Egyptian Pharaohs, Kings & Pharaohs. The most famous ancient Egyptian rulers and pharaohs included King Tutankhamun, King Seti I, King Ramses II, King Narmer, King Thutmose III, the Heretic King Akhenaten (the father of Tutankhamun) and King Djoser. Read the biographies about about their lives. The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Timeline then goes on to chart the great dynasties ruled by these famous kings and queens of ancient Egypt. This section on Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs is accompanied by pictures and fact sheets or fact files making the study of the Ancient Egyptians easy and informative. Kids and students will enjoy the learning process and demonstrate a high level of understanding of Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs following research on this site.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs
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The Ancient Egyptians


Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - King Narmer
King Narmer ruled as the king of Egypt during the period in ancient Egyptian history known as the Early Dynastic Period and was believed by many to be founder of the 1st dynasty of the kings of Egypt. The events of his reign were recorded on the artefact known as the Narmer Palette. His name is often associated with the mysterious Menes.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Menes
The name Menes is surrounded by mystery. Was Menes an ancient king who ruled Egypt during the Early Dynastic Period? Or was he simply a legendary hero? Was his name confused with other early kings of Egypt? His name, his identity, his existence, are all uncertain.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - King Hor-Aha
King Hor-Aha succeeded King Narmer to the throne of Egypt. He founded the city of Memphis established trade agreements with Palestine and Syria, whilst campaigning to bring more of Egypt under his control.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - King Djoser
King Djoser was famous for his great tomb, the  first of the pyramids called the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. Djoser's Step Pyramid of Saqqara was built by the genius architect Imhotep.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Thutmose III
Pharaoh Thutmose III was one of the greatest pharaohs and created the largest empire Egypt had ever known through his military campaigns and conquests in Syria and Nubia.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Thutmose IV
King Thutmose IV was a  prolific builder and initiated the building of the largest obelisk ever built in Egypt (105 feet) at the the Temple at Karnak. His tomb was located in the Valley of the Kings.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Amenhotep III
Pharaoh Amenhotep III was a man of vision who initiated great artistic works, many dedicated to Amun-Ra the great sun god. During his reign ancient Egypt reached the height of its influential powers with foreign nations bringing trade to Egypt that resulted in great prosperity.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Akhenaten
Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife Queen Nefertiti, initiated a religious revolution by worshipping just one god and attempting to stop the worship of the other older gods. He alienated both the priests and many of the Egyptian people. He uprooted the residents of Thebes and moved the population to a new city called Amarna, dedicated to the new god Aten. King Akhenaten eventually abdicated and in a short time ancient Egypt reverted to the old religion and Amana was abandoned.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun died unexpectedly at the age of 18. He reigned for just 9 years and the cause of his death still remains a mystery. He was buried in his hastily prepared tomb in the Valley of the Kings that was famously discovered by Howard Carter.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Ramses I
Pharaoh Ramses I founded the 19th dynasty which would bring the power of Egypt to new, great heights. Ramses only enjoyed a short reign of 2 years - but he brought stabilization to Egypt and the new dynasty was established.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Pharaoh Seti I
King Seti I was a prolific builder and a military strategist who led military campaigns against the Hittites in the Battle  of Kadesh.

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs - Ramses the Great
Pharaoh Ramses II aka Ramses the Great is regarded as one of the greatest and most powerful pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire. Ramses the Great was another prolific builder and initiated the building of great cities, temples and monuments including the Ramesseum in Thebes and the massive rock temples of Abu Simbel (see the following picture).

Abu Simbel


Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs

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Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs
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Egyptian Kings & Pharaohs


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