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Ancient Egyptians - Layer Pyramid
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet about the Layer Pyramid. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and Layer Pyramid.
Discovered by Karl Richard Lepsius
Built with leaning layers of stone laid against a slope
Built near the flood plain
Constructed as a tomb for King Khaba
Description of the Khaba  burial complex
The pyramids of ancient Egypt
The tomb of the Pharaoh, the unfinished monument to King Khaba
An overview of the Layer Pyramids of Khaba & ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - Layer Pyramid
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Layer Pyramid
Learn about the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and the tombs of the pharaohs including the tomb of King Khaba, the fast and easy way via the Layer Pyramid Fact sheets. The 'Layer Pyramid' of Khaba at Saqqara was important to the history of pyramids as its construction was initiated following the building of the First Step Pyramid of King Djoser.

Ancient Egypt - Layer Pyramid Fact Sheet

Fact 1 on Layer Pyramid:

The Djoser step pyramid at Saqqara began as a traditional, flat-roofed Mastaba Tomb.


Traditional mastaba

Fact 2 on Layer Pyramid:

Additional 'steps' or tiers were added by the architect Imhotep that were made of stone, creating the famous step pyramid at Saqqara.

Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara

King Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Fact 3 on Layer Pyramid:

King Khaba was one of the kings of the 3rd Dynasty and followed the precedent set by the previous rulers, including King Djoser, and initiated the building of a pyramid as his tomb and monument

Fact 4 on Layer Pyramid:

The building of the funerary complex of King Khaba and the construction of the "Layer Pyramid" was located in Zaqiyet al-Aryan, about 7km north of Saqqara. The funerary complex included a pyramid, a subterranean structure and a necropolis complex. Local people called the monument "Haram el-Meduwara" meaning the 'Round Pyramid'.

Fact 5 on Layer Pyramid:

The "Layer Pyramid" was so-called because of the manner in which it was built. Thick, leaning layers of stone were laid against a core, with sloping courses. (These sloping walls made the building unstable and the technique was modified at the beginning of the next dynasty when the stones were placed horizontally).

Fact 6 on Layer Pyramid:

The previous pyramids had been constructed far out in the desert. The location of the of this new monument was close to the flood plain.

Fact 7 on Layer Pyramid:

This was the third pyramids to be built in Egypt was designed to have seven 'steps' or tiers.

Fact 8 on Layer Pyramid:

The plan of the Khaba structure consisted of three parts: the chapel, the passages, and the sepulchral vault.

Fact 9 on Layer Pyramid:

The construction of this pyramid showed signs of architectural advancements as it was intended to built with much larger blocks of stone than had been attempted previously.

Fact 10 on Layer Pyramid:

The first stones were laid inwards and it is estimated that its base measured 7.5m (24.5 feet) x 17.6 m (58 feet).

Fact 11 on Layer Pyramid:

It is estimated that had the Khaba structure been completed it would have risen 45 m (147 feet) above its base. King Djoser's great tomb measured 62 metres (203 feet).

Fact 12 on Layer Pyramid:

Only the first 'step' was completed. Today it is about 20m (65 feet) high, the pyramid was never finished.

Fact 13 on Layer Pyramid:

The pyramid was first inspected in 1848 by Karl Richard Lepsius but nothing was found, not even a sarcophagus.

Fact 14 on Layer Pyramid:

The pyramid was later excavated by Alessandro Bassanti and George Andrew Reisner in 1910.

Ancient Egypt - Layer Pyramid Fact Sheet

Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Djoser Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Layer Pyramid
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Layer Pyramid

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Layer Pyramids

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