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The Civilization & Culture of Ancient Egypt and the history of the Pyramids

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians - Pyramids History
A comprehensive guide and fact sheet containing details of Pyramids History. Discover fascinating facts and information about ancient Egypt and the History of the pyramids.
How the ancient Egyptians developed the pyramid
Why the ancient Egyptians developed the pyramid
The history of ancient Egyptian pyramids and tombs
The stages taken by the ancient Egyptians to develop the pyramid
Pit Graves, the Mastaba and the pyramid
The pyramids of ancient Egypt
The tombs of the Pharaohs
An overview of the pyramids History in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians - Pyramids History
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Pyramids History
Learn how and why the ancient Egyptians developed pyramids. Were the ancient Egyptian pyramids constructed by accident or design? Discover interesting facts about the history and History of the ancient Egyptian pyramids via the Pyramids History fact sheet.

Giza Plateau - Cheops Pyramid, Chephren Pyramid and the Sphinx

Giza Plateau - Cheops (Khufu) Pyramid, Chephren Pyramid and the Sphinx

Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

Fact 1 about Pyramids History:

Long before the pyramids were built the ancient Egyptians were buried in shallow Pit Graves in the desert.

Ancient Egyptian Pit Grave

Pit Grave

Fact 2 about Pyramids History:

Grave goods were placed in the pit graves and they were covered with mounds of stones. Offerings were placed at the side of the pit graves.

Fact 3 about Pyramids History:

The ancient Egyptians developed Mud bricks from at least the 1st Dynasty and the simple pit graves were developed by wealthy Egyptians to become a more impressive type of tomb, called a mastaba.

Fact 4 about Pyramids History:

The ancient Egyptian Mastaba tomb was a single storey structure made from mud bricks with a rectangular base and sloping sides with a flat roof.


Traditional mastaba tomb

Fact 5 about Pyramids History:

The grave goods left in a mastaba tomb were vulnerable to tomb robbers and additional security was required so they evolved to contain an underground burial chamber.

Fact 6 about Pyramids History:

The pharaohs naturally required the most impressive tombs. Royal burial chambers were surrounded by many rooms, passages and a chapel (a small temple).

Tomb of Queen Neithhotep built by King Hor-Aha

Massive underground mastaba tomb

Fact 7 about Pyramids History:

The famous ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep was tasked with building a tomb for King Djoser. King Djoser's tomb began as a flat-roofed mastaba, but instead of using mud bricks that would deteriorate, it was made of stone that would last for eternity. Materials were obtained from the Ancient Egyptian Stone Quarries.

Fact 8 about Pyramids History:

Imhotep realised he could build a really impressive tomb by adding additional tiers or 'steps' to the original mastaba tomb design. Six tiers, decreasing in size, were added making the famous pyramid shape. Imhotep had created the 'Step Pyramid'.

Fact 9 about Pyramids History:

The 'Step Pyramid' was the first pyramid constructed in ancient Egypt by design and is recognized as the first monumental stone structure ever built. It was the prototype of all pyramids and built for King Djoser.

Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara

King Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Fact 10 about Pyramids History:

The step design evolved into the 'Layer Pyramid' of King Khaba. The construction of the Layer Pyramid used thick, leaning layers of stone that were laid against a core, with sloping courses.

Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

All the Giza Pyramids

All of the Giza Pyramids

Pyramids History
Discover fast, interesting fun facts about pyramids for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about ancient Egypt and Egyptians. Ideal for children, homework, schools, teachers and kids of all ages! Find fascinating fun Pyramids History for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Interesting, fun Pyramids History for research, schools, students and kids of all ages.


The Ancient Egyptians


Pyramids History
Learn about the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and the tombs of the pharaohs, the fast and easy way via the pyramids Fact sheet.


Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

Fact 11 about Pyramids History:

The 'Meidum Pyramid' of King Huni, that was completed during the reign of King Snefru was the First True Pyramid.  The design of the Meidum pyramid was 'stepped' or tiered but it was covered with one uniform slope of masonry with a smooth, angled finish making it the first true pyramid.

Meidum Step pyramid

Meidum Step Pyramid

Fact 12 about Pyramids History:

The 'Bent Pyramid' of Snefru was the first attempt by ancient Egyptian architects to construct a smooth-sided pyramid but the slope was too steep and the ancient Egyptian architects changed the angle of the monument halfway through its construction resulting in its 'bent' shape.


Fact 13 about Pyramids History:

Snefru was undeterred and initiated construction on the monument that would become known as the 'Red Pyramid'. The 'Red Pyramid' was originally covered in gleaming white limestone but as the years rolled by the shallow slope of the pyramid attracted stone robbers. They stripped the pyramid of the white limestone and the inferior stone beneath the surface turned a red color due to the oxidation process.  When it was completed, the Red Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Fact 14 about Pyramids History:

Snefru's son and heir, Khufu aka Cheops, built the Great Pyramid of Giza which is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis and is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that can still be seen today.

Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx

Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

Picture showing restoration of the pyramid complex at Giza

Picture showing the reconstruction of the pyramid complex at Giza
Top left: Pyramid of Khafre aka Chephren
Top right: The Great Pyramid
Bottom Left: The Tomb of Queen Khentkaus
Bottom right: The Valley Temple of Khafre aka Chephren, above which is the Great Sphinx


Pyramids History

Facts and Information Pyramids History

Facts about Pyramids

The people, places, culture and civilization of ancient Egypt

Facts and information about Ancient Egypt & the Egyptians

Facts about Pyramids for kids and schools

Facts about Pyramids  for kids, schools, homework and research

Facts about Pyramids


Pyramids History
Learn about the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and the tombs of the pharaohs, the fast and easy way via the pyramids Fact sheet. The following map shows the locations of each major necropolis (burial ground) where pyramids were constructed 

Map locations of Pyramids

Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

Fact 15 about Pyramids History:

King Djedefre aka Radjedef was the son and successor to King Khufu. His pyramid was built in Abu Rawash, located 8 km to the north of Giza. It was referred to as "Djedefre's Starry Sky" and was reputed to be the most beautiful pyramid that was ever built. It is now in ruins and believed to have been demolished by the Romans who used its stone for their own building projects.

Fact 16 about Pyramids History:

Khafre aka Chephren was another son of Khufu and succeeded his brother Djedefre to the throne of Egypt. Khafre built the second pyramid on the Giza plateau.

Pyramid of Khafre

Fact 17 about Pyramids History:

King Menkaure was the son of Khafra and the grandson of Khufu. He built the the smallest of the three Pyramids of Giza, called Menkaure's Pyramid.

Fact 18 about Pyramids History:

The Sun King Userkaf, of the 5th Dynasty of ancient Egyptian kings, built his pyramid as part of a massive funerary complex at Saqqara, at the northeast corner of Djoser's original complex. During the reign of King Userkaf the cult of Ra, the god of the sun, began to gain unprecedented importance in ancient Egypt.

Fact 19 about Pyramids History:

The Pyramid of Sahure is the first pyramid built in the necropolis of Abusir. Its location was chosen due to its close proximity with Memphis which was the capital and seat of power at the time

Fact 20 about Pyramids History:

The pyramids of the sun kings Neferirkare Kakai, Neferefre (also called Raneferef) and Neuserre Izi were also built at Abusir.

Fact 21 about Pyramids History:

The Pyramid of Unas at North Saqqara contained the first Pyramid Texts.

Fact 22 about Pyramids History:

South Saqqara was the location of the pyramids built by Pepi I, Merenre and Pepi II who were all kings of the 6th dynasty.

Fact 23 about Pyramids History:

The next monuments of historical significance were those built at Lisht, located south of Cairo by Amenemhat I and Senusret I of the 12th dynasty. Lisht was the site of royal and elite burials during the period of Egyptian history known as the Middle Kingdom.

Pyramid of Senusret II at Lisht

Pyramid of Senusret II at Lisht

Fact 24 about Pyramids History:

The location of Dashur was chosen as the site of other 12th dynasty kings including the the White Pyramid of Amenemhat II, the pyramid of Senusret III and the pyramid of King Amenemhat III.

Fact 25 about Pyramids History:

The Pyramid of Khendjer was built at in South Saqqara for the burial of Pharaoh Khendjer, who ruled Egypt during the 13th Dynasty.

Fact 26 about Pyramids History:

The Pyramid of Ahmose was built as a cenotaph, not a tomb, for King Ahmose I at Abydos. It was the last Royal Pyramid in ancient Egypt and signalled the end of the Pyramid age.

Ancient Egypt - Pyramids History Fact Sheet

The Sphinx

Facts about Pyramids
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Pyramid History


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